Wyze Smart Floor Lamp boasts 11 brightness levels and 15 groups of condenser lenses


Refrain from straining your eyes when you’re reading in bed with the Wyze Smart Floor Lamp. Featuring 15 groups of individual condenser lenses, colors are easier to distinguish and text is easier to read. Best of all, these lenses confine light with a sharp, 23-degree angle to only focus light on a particular subject. This means you can illuminate only your book to not disturb your partner next to you. Moreover, the Wyze Smart Floor Lamp features 15 brightness levels, so you can tailor the lighting to your environment, task, or mood. Impressively, it boasts AI technology to learn your favorite and most-used preferences. As a result, it can automatically switch to your preferred level of brightness. Finally, this lamp features a flexible 5-foot 11-inch gooseneck, enabling you to position it on a desk, by your sofa, and more at home or in the office.

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