Wuffguard dog car seat is designed to protect your pup from up to 2,000 pounds of force


Going on adventures and road trips with your dog is so much fun, but it can be devastating if you get in an accident. Enter the Wuffguard dog car seat, which can absorb up to 2,000 pounds of force and save your pup’s life. This technically advanced dog car seat works for small- to medium-size dogs. Your pup is a member of your family, and it can be fun to have them in your lap or watch them enjoy sticking their head out the window. Unfortunately, these unsafe options can result in tragedy, but the Wuffguard keeps them safe when they’re in the front or back. Crafted with a patent-pending seven-point shock-absorption system, this dog car seat incorporates horizontal bars, a seat restraint, netting, a car seatbelt, foam pads, a ratchet, and vertical bars. Furthermore, you can add a netting cover and safety cord if your dog is especially active.

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