Welcome To Plathville: How Moriah Plath Welcomed 2022

Welcome To Plathville: How Moriah Plath Welcomed 2022

Moriah Plath of Welcome to Plathville welcomes in the new year with a photo shoot. The star also shares her plans for 2022 with her followers.

Welcome to Plathville‘s Moriah Plath rings in the new year by sharing a photo shoot she took part in, also revealing her plans for 2022. Moriah has always been a fan favorite on the family show due to her brash behavior and outspoken personality. The 19-year-old has always paved her own way and been true to herself even when her strict parents, Kim and Barry Plath, didn’t agree.

Welcome to Plathville season 3 showed Moriah really diving into her music as she performed her first show in Tallahassee. Moriah also decided to move to Tampa with her brother Ethan Plath and sister-in-law Olivia. The TLC star has been living her life to the fullest while also keeping her followers up to date.


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As 2022 was celebrated all around the world, Moriah took to her Instagram to share her New Year’s resolutions. The purple-haired beauty posted a photo collage of her face, which showed half of her normal look while the other half of her face was black and white. She shared with followers what she learned in 2021. Moriah also revealed she has “no expectations” for the new year and is just looking to be happy with whatever life decides to throw at her. Check our Moriah’s post below:

After Moriah shared the photo, Welcome to Plathville viewers immediately started to speculate that her relationship with Max Kallschmidt may have officially ended. Moriah’s post was extremely cryptic as Olivia even commented on it, writing, “I can’t wait to see how you hold the good things close.” Even Moriah’s younger brother Micah Plath shared his support for her decisions. Max and Moriah’s relationship has been under the microscope for some time since neither one has posted a photo together in weeks. Notably, the two spent the holidays apart, which fueled rumors of a breakup.

Welcome to Plathville viewers believe Moriah and Max have called their one-year relationship quits but are remaining quiet due to the show. Season 4 has yet to be greenlit, but viewers are hoping TLC’s cameras were around to catch the falling out if there was one. It’s also possible a split between Max and Moriah was mutual if it did happen, with the two realizing they simply grew apart. Either way, Moriah doesn’t seem phased by the potential breakup as she is constantly posting inspirational messages. Her post celebrating the new year is no exception. Hopefully, 2022 is the reality TV star’s year as she continues to navigate the world on her own terms.

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