Watch Intense Fight Between Dog, Tiger, And Lion Surprises Internet

Watch Intense Fight Between Dog, Tiger, And Lion Surprises Internet

The video was shared by an Instagram page named Animals Power.

Dogs and cats will always remain enemies, even though they sometimes appear to get along with each other, and this video is proof of that. However, it’s not sure if this golden retriever knows that it’s not just any cat he’s dealing with; it’s a big cat, and one of the most dangerous ones, actually two.

The video shows a golden retriever dog trying to bite off a tiger’s ear. The dog has a firm grasp on the tiger’s ear, and it appears like it wants to bite off the big cat’s ear.

The video also shows a lion sitting nearby. The lion, however, tries not to get involved in the fight. However, instead of attacking the dog, the tiger attacks the lion. So, the lion jumps out while the dog continues to fight the tiger.

Later, the lion comes back and tries to attack the tiger. However, the tiger jumps even as the dog continues to fight. The video is supposed to be captured at a zoo because a few visitors can also be seen standing around bars and witnessing the unexpected scene in front of them. The caption reads, “Dog Vs. Tiger.”

After being shared online, the video has collected lakhs of views online with over 25000 likes and still counting. The unusual fight between the animals has shocked viewers all over the Internet.

“Something is wrong with it. That tiger is not triggering,” wrote a user, while another user commented, “Why do people put dogs in catches with these beasts? They are no match.”

However, a few users pointed out that it was normal and the animals were actually playing.

“I guess they are playing. Tigers have too much Adrenaline,” commented a user.
Another user pointed out that the dog had indeed raised the tiger and lions.
“That dog raised them since they were kittens and it’s actually a beautiful story. The Internet really twist shit for click bait,” he commented.

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