Watch How The Golden Retriever Dog Keeps Itself Updated With The News

Watch How The Golden Retriever Dog Keeps Itself Updated With The News

This video on Instagram shows how a Golden Retriever dog keeps itself updated with the news.

Most of us love to keep ourselves updated with what is happening across the globe. And for that very reason, we read a newspaper. It turns out that dogs too ‘read newspapers’ to keep a tab on what is happening worldwide. Case in point, this Golden Retriever dog is catching up on the news. The dog is dressed up as a gentleman has attracted netizens’ attention.

An Instagram page named Riley, the Golden Retriever, posted the video. The page shares wholesome videos of Riley and is followed by 1.5 lakh Instagram users. “Good boy catching up on the news. Asked politely not to disturb his reading,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram with several hashtags, including #goldenretriever, #dog, and #weeklyfluff.

The video shows the Golden Retriever dog named Riley, seated on a couch and dressed in a white shirt with his reading glasses on, engrossed in reading as his owner takes his video.

Since being shared over a year ago, the video has raked up 13.4 million views and more than 8.3 lakh likes. It has also received thousands of comments.

An Instagram page named Hunter Kity posted, “This is above distinguished; he’s a consummate gentleman.” Another dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Sunny shared, “I should buy a boat. ” “Very distinguished reading the funnies,” read a comment from a third Insta page dedicated to dogs.

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