Watch How Duck Keeps On Irritating The Dog Until It Loses Its Cool

Watch How Duck Keeps On Irritating The Dog Until It Loses Its Cool

The video was posted on Instagram that shows a duck irritating a dog minding its own business.

The Internet is full of animal videos showing connections between different animals or birds. Some videos show the love the animals share and, on the other hand, capture them entertaining in a playfight. Just like this video that shows a duck keeps on irritating a dog until it loses its cool. This video will definitely make your day and leave you chuckling.

The page dedicated to the duck named Dennis posted the video on Instagram. The page bio says that he is an “Indian runner duck who is an absolute menace and thinks he is superman.” Moreover, the page is filled with videos capturing the duck’s antics and his dog’s siblings. The caption reads, “Annoying someone until you get that bite you wanted.” 

After being re-shared on an Instagram page, the video, however, captured people’s attention. “You can really tell they’re siblings,” they wrote and posted the video.

The video begins with a dog sleeping and minding its own business. However, within moments, the duck comes to the pooch and keeps on poking it with his beak. In the end, the dog finally loses its cool and barks at the bird. After that, the duck quickly runs away.

A few days ago, the video was posted. Since being shared, the video has collected more than one million views, and the numbers are only rising. The post has also encouraged people to share various comments.

“That’s so funny the duck knew what it was doing and saw it coming,” posted an Instagram user. “My cat does this to my dog every day,” commented another. “Peace was never an option,” joked a third. ”It’s a duck of course he ducked,” wrote a fourth. Many showed their reactions through laughing out loud emoticons.

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