Watch: Golden Retrievers Get Scared by Another ‘Dog’ Hiding in The Basement

Watch: Golden Retrievers Get Scared by Another ‘Dog’ Hiding in The Basement

The posted video on Instagram shows two Golden Retrievers’ reactions to another ‘dog’ hiding in the basement.

The videos capturing different antics of the Golden Retrievers are usually adorably hilarious. But those videos leave people smiling, just like this on Instagram. When the video started, it showed two dogs’ reactions after seeing another ‘pooch’ hiding in their basement. So there is a chance that the video will leave you giggling and saying aww.

Initially posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the dogs Everest and Ellinor, the video captured people’s attention after being re-shared on another Insta page. “Doin’ a protecc,” they wrote and shared the video.

The video opens to show one of the Golden Retrievers looking at the camera and then staring toward the basement. As the video progresses, another dog is also seen standing on the stairs going downstairs. Towards the end of the clip, it became clear what made them stop. It’s a bag with a picture of a dog printed on it. The video ends with the puppies abandoning the idea of going downstairs and running back to their human.

Take a look at the video:

11 hours ago, the video was shared and had collected more than 5.4 lakh views, and the numbers are only increasing. The video has further accumulated nearly 27,000 likes. In addition, people posted various comments while reacting to the video.

“He does look real to be fair!” joked an Instagram user. “They said, nope… not gonna take a chance,” joined another. “It’s time to investigate!,” expressed a third. “That is soo priceless! It actually scared me just a little bit as well at first. Really cute tho!” wrote a fourth.

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