Watch: Dog Getting Back Rubs During a Car Wash in an Old Video

Watch: Dog Getting Back Rubs During a Car Wash in an Old Video

The video was posted on Twitter by Tansu Yegen that shows a stray dog getting a back rub from an automatic car wash.

Who doesn’t like back rubs? A cute video of a street dog using an automatic car wash for back rub has gone viral on the internet. In the 58-seconds video, the dog can be seen standing at a car workshop where vehicles are being cleaned with big brush rollers. The big brush roller has long bristles and moves up and down for proper car cleaning. The moment the roller comes down, the puppy goes and stands under it and gets a soothing massage from the long bristles of the giant brush. The dog appears to be loving the free massage.

Tansu Yegen posted the video on Twitter; the caption reads, “Very clever.” Since being posted, the video has collected more than 6 million views. The internet relished the dog’s smartness.

Watch the video here:

A user wrote, “I don’t want to ruin the fun. Its awesome vid and so cute. I just thought, if the doggo would do it regularly, maybe the chemicals used to wash the cars are toxic for the fur, but as i said, still very cute.” Another user commented, “Hahaha this is so adorable! Wish we had such….Both for the car as well as the dogs.”

“My dog would love that! He always rubs his back on objects that are the right height: my foot when I have one leg crossed, cross bar on table leg, bags hanging on back of kitchen chair, etc,” the third user commented. “If this was a stray, I would totally adopt them. Looks like they just need scratches and cuddles,” the fourth expressed.

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