Watch A Super Cute Video: Dog and Bunny Dig a Hole in a Yard

Watch A Super Cute Video: Dog and Bunny Dig a Hole in a Yard

The video of the dog and the bunny taking turns to dig a hole was posted on Reddit.

A video involving a cute bunny and an adorable dog is winning people’s hearts. Shared on Reddit, the clip shows the animals lending helping paws to each other. There is a possibility that the cute video will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

The clip is posted with a simple caption, “Boys taking turns digging in the yard.” The video opens to showcase the bunny and the dog in a yard. While the rabbit is seen standing at a distance, the puppy is digging a part of the yard. After a few moments, the dog stops, and the bunny starts digging. Watch what happens next:

The video was posted more than 12 hours ago. Since being shared, it has amassed over 1,100 upvotes, and the numbers are only rising. The share has also encouraged people to post various comments.

“That is a beautiful grey bunny! Seems pretty conditioned to being around the puppers, playing in the yard. I need a handsome rabbit now,” shared a Reddit user. They received a reply from the original poster, who wrote,

“They follow one another around on adventures around the yard. Usually digging into mischief.” Another individual expressed, “Bnuuy and pubby.” A third commented, “This is the equivalent of a Chucky Cheese ball pit for floors!”

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