Watch A Heartwarming Video: Mumbai Woman Revisits The Dog She Fed During Lockdown

Watch A Heartwarming Video: Mumbai Woman Revisits The Dog She Fed During Lockdown

The video posted on Instagram shows that a woman revisited the dog she fed during the lockdown. This video will definitely melt your heart.

 Our lives came to a pause almost three years ago. Covid affected several lives, not just humans but also the life of animals. No one was out on the roads for street dogs, and no one was to look after them. However, many good samaritans came ahead in these difficult times and joined forces to help the street dogs. A resident of Mumbai, Priyanka Chaubal, was among those who had helped to feed the stray dogs amid the lockdown.

Recently, Priyanka Chaubal revisited the dogs she helped during the covid time, and her experience will tug at your heartstrings. She uploaded a short video telling people she missed the bus to her office. After that, she visited a nearby temple and found one of the dogs she had fed during the lockdown. As she went to the dog, it took no time to recognize her. She also fed the dog some of the biscuits she had in her bag. The video caption reads, “Even after years, they recognize us. They are so loyal; definitely, they deserve all our love. “

Take a look at Priyanka Chaubal feeding the stray dog video here:

Since being shared on Instagram, it has been watched more than four lakh times. The video also has accumulated 65,000 likes and several comments. 

One of the Instagram users wrote, “They never ever forget someone who has ever kept a hand on their head with love. Feeding is a huge thing; these lovely souls are beautiful.” Another user said, “This proves that everything happens for a reason.” Someone even said, “You have the biggest pure heart, sister. Respect from the bottom of my heart.” “Dogs never forget their people,” said a fourth.

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