VIDEO: Bull Leaps Into Crowd to Escape Rodeo Horror Show | PETA

VIDEO: Bull Leaps Into Crowd to Escape Rodeo Horror Show | PETA

A bull escaped the Redding Rodeo Grounds in Redding, California, on May 20, taking a leap of faith directly into the audience. Video taken during the rodeo shows the frantic bull twisting and leaping to buck off the rider, jumping several feet in the air to make it over the fence, and barging through the crowd in his panic to break free. Unlike all the humans in attendance, the bull had not chosen to be there.

Rodeos Are Terrifying, Unsafe Places for All Animals

The bull’s frantic escape took place during the final section of the bull-riding event at the Northern California rodeo. According to Redding Rodeo officials, the bull “ran out of the rodeo grounds and towards the contestant parking area” and was eventually corralled by livestock handlers about a half-mile away, near the Sundial Bridge, and immediately placed in a trailer. Officials didn’t provide any further details about the bull’s fate, but the Redding police have confirmed that six humans were injured during his escape.

Rodeos are displays of human dominance over other animals, thinly disguised as entertainment. Many bulls forced to participate have sustained fatal injuries, including broken backs and necks, and have experienced heart attacks and aneurysms. Rodeo performers have been observed beating, kicking, and shocking normally docile bulls and other animals in holding pens—abuse they inflict in order to provoke bulls’ instinct to run from harm. It’s no wonder that bulls are frantic by the time they’re released into arenas and that they’ve caused injuries to humans many times in their panic.

The animals who aren’t killed during events often still meet a vicious death: When they’re too old or worn out to continue “performing,” “retirement” often means a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse.

Bulls Are Being Tormented—They Need Us to Speak Up

To help bulls like the one who escaped at the Redding Rodeo, never support rodeos, bull riding, or any other activity that forces animals to perform. If a rodeo comes to your town, write letters to sponsors, leaflet at the gate, or hold a demonstration. You can contact PETA for help, too. Take action for bulls being tormented in other barbaric “sports” today!

Students Opposing Speciesism—the PETA-backed, youth-led revolt against human supremacy—doesn’t miss a beat in furthering the mission of ending speciesism, including when it comes to denouncing rodeos.

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