Tornado in Northern Michigan Damages Homes and Businesses

Tornado in Northern Michigan Damages Homes and Businesses

A tornado swept through northern Michigan on Friday, damaging multiple homes and businesses, the authorities said.

The extent of damage and injuries was not immediately known after the storm passed through Gaylord, Mich., a city of about 4,000 people.

Video posted on Twitter showed a trail of destruction along what appeared to be a commercial strip.

Andy Sullivan, a forecaster at the National Weather Service office in Gaylord, said there was “no doubt” that a tornado had struck and said it was a “very strong one at that.” He said the office had assessment teams in the community. He added that it was unusual to have a tornado strike Northern Michigan.

The tornado, which hit around 3:45 p.m., “heavily damaged” the commercial district, he said. Cars were flipped over, he said, adding that the office was getting reports of injuries but it was not clear how many or the severity.

The Michigan State Police said on Twitter that trees and power lines were blocking roadways and reported that “multiple homes and businesses” were damaged.

Lt. Derrick Carroll of the State Police reported from Gaylord that many trees had fallen and said officials were urging people to stay away. He said he was still trying to reach a staging area for emergency responders and did not yet have any word on injuries or fatalities.

He said it appeared the entire community had been struck, including a mobile home park that he described as “pretty bad.”

Isabella Grullón Paz contributed reporting.

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