This power managing device uses EV-inspired charging to improve smartphone battery life

This power managing device uses EV-inspired charging to improve smartphone battery life

Want to improve your smartphone or tablet’s battery life dramatically? The Chargie phone battery extender can ensure your battery lasts for up to five years. That’s because its Hardware Limiter function limits the amount of charge your phone gets during long charging sessions. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this useful new product.

Make your smartphone’s battery last longer with the Chargie phone battery lifespan extender. This practical power managing device keeps your smartphone and tablet batteries healthy by limiting the amount of charge they receive during long charging sessions. In fact, this handy device can ensure battery life on your device for up to five years. Now that’s an incredible feature.

Are you tired of having to spend $500+ every two years to buy a new smartphone simply because the battery on your old one went dead? The truth is that charging your phone to 100% while you sleep depletes the battery life. And that’s where the Chargie comes in. This gadget uses tech inspired by electric car charging to cut off power at a predetermined threshold. Let’s have a look at it.

Get controlled supercharging just like EVs

Electric cars run for hundreds of thousands of miles without experiencing battery degradation. And if you own one, you know that charging it to 100% too often can result in heat and voltage stress that can damage the battery’s health. With similar goals in mind for your smartphones and tablets, this power managing device limits and delays full charging.

Chargie in a video

Meet hysteretic charging

How does the Chargie achieve that? Besides limiting the charging process, the company says its hysteretic algorithm ensures that even if you charge 100%, the process stops until the battery discharges to 95% and restarts. This results in less stress to the battery, which increases the battery’s lifespan. According to the company, this type of charging also reduces the risk of fires and battery swelling.

Rely on Bluetooth Low Engergy

This power managing device also uses Bluetooth Low Energy and a 19A electronic switch to transfer the current from the charger to the phone and stop it when it reaches the preset level. It also boasts a maximum voltage of 16 V and is fast-charging compliant with Qualcomm QC3 and QC4.

Connect this battery manager to your device

The Chargie is easy to use. Just connect it to your regular charger and phone or wireless charging device. Then open the Chargie app and connect it to the Chargie device via Bluetooth. Next, set the charging level you prefer by sliding your finger over the battery icon. The device will stop your gadgets from charging once they reach this preset level. That’s it.

Make your battery more sustainable

Once your smartphone battery dies, there’s not much you can do about it. Especially since many phone manufacturers glue batteries to phones’ interiors and restrict after-sale battery replacements. The problem is, this generates a colossal amount of waste. The Chargie, however, helps because it lets you use your phone for longer and can it help you pass it on to someone else.

Earn a higher resale value for your phone

The company is developing a Chargie Certification Program. This program could show to potential buyers that you’ve taken care of your device’s battery and that they can expect a longer-than-typical use of a previously owned device. That way, you can get a higher resale value for the phone if you decide to sell it again.

Switch seamlessly between Chargies

It’s easy to switch between Chargies. The app keeps running in the background and automatically detects which Chargie device you’ve connected it to. This makes switching between Chargies at home, your office, and even your car a breeze. However, your device doesn’t have to be smart or even connected to your Chargie app to get the benefits since The Chargie can work independently of the app.

Check out the Top Up Scheduler

This power managing device’s Top Up Scheduler feature lets you keep your phone at a safe state, 50–70%, while you sleep. Then, it only tops up your battery to the percentage of your choice in the morning, just before you wake up. This protects your battery and avoids long charging sessions that might risk fire or overheating.

Choose a device that works with both Apple and Android devices

If you use devices from both the Apple and Android camps, don’t worry. This charge limiting device has apps for iOS 13+ and Android 6+. The company has also used branded Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, iPhone 12, and iPad 8 as test devices.

Set overtemperature thresholds with this charge limiting device

Have you ever noticed how hot your phone can get while you’re charging it in the car on a hot summer’s day? In these situations, heat can damage the battery’s internal structure. While all smartphones have overtemperature protection, the limit is quite high—usually 122°F. The Chargie, on the other hand, lets you set a much lower overtemperature limit during a charge. That way, you can keep your battery as healthy and as safe as possible.

Use the Chargie for your business

Do you own or manage an electronics store? This power managing device can extend the lifespan of demo phones and tablets and make them safer. Since these devices are always connected to the power mains, their batteries quickly wear down. After a few months, they may start to swell or even catch fire. The Chargie, however, keeps these devices at a partial charge, preserving their battery and increasing their resell value.

Secure your surveillance equipment

Do you use phones and tablets as surveillance equipment? Although many rely on solar power their batteries, too, often stay at 100% all the time. This increases the risk of swelling, fire, and system malfunctions. But if you add this power managing device to the setup, these security gadgets stay at 50%, and there’s no risk of fire according to the company.

Increase your charging safety

Devices with rechargeable batteries can malfunction and cause serious injury or even death, especially if you happen to fall asleep near your device. Yet the National Sleep Association found that nearly 45% of parents and 30% of children sleep with their smartphone or tablet in their bedroom, plugged in all night. The Chargie can keep those devices charged at 50%, and according to the company, eliminate the risk of fire.

Experience the benefits of gold

The Chargie A Gold Edition also boasts a tiny amount of gold deposited onto the board and its connectors. It helps the production process stay lead-free, and gold doesn’t oxidize. The material creates higher production costs, but it helps these smartphone accessories last longer in wet and severe environments.

Making things last really is a choice. And the Chargie can dramatically increase your smartphone and tablet battery life. That way, you won’t have to keep buying a new device every other year or waste money replacing the battery. It also protects against over-heating and battery-related fires. Overall, the Chargie is a great way to get more mileage out of your devices, prevent waste, and make charging safer.

The Chargie phone battery lifespan extender typically costs $40, but you can currently get it for 27% OFF + 5% off with code gadgetflow2021 on the company website. Would you extend your smartphone’s battery life? Let us know in the comments.

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