These desk elbow pads improve your workday comfort and ease pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more


You work hard, but that doesn’t mean your wrists and forearms should take a beating. Keep them supported while you kill it with these desk gel pads.

Work comfortably in any space with the Jelbows desk pad collection. These desk elbow pads help alleviate pain and soreness from repetitive work like typing and clicking. They use gel or supportive fabric to give your wrists, arms, and elbows a comfy place to rest.

Tired of the pain from your carpal tunnel or arthritis? When you suffer from any of those, every keystroke and click is painful. But there is help, and it comes in the form of a practical workspace gadget; Jelbows. With these elbow pads at your side, you can keep your elbows and forearms comfortable all workday long.

Get the support you need

When you work on a computer all day, your wrists and forearms need some TLC. Specifically, they need support. And these desk elbow pads consist of two non-slip medium soft gel pads. They provide a soft yet stable resting spot for your arms, wrists, and elbows.

So if you find yourself constantly leaning on your elbows at your standing desk, add these wrist rests to your work setup. They’ll take the pressure off your joints while you work. Or, if you’d like to keep your wrists more comfortable while you type, place Jelbows beneath for an extra lift.

Take this wrist rest anywhere

And of course, you don’t just work in your office. The armchair, kitchen countertop, and workbenches are all viable work spots, and Jelbows are suitable for those too.

That’s thanks to their portable design. Actually, these desk elbow pads are slim and lightweight, which means you can easily fit them into a backpack or laptop bag.

So if you need to open your laptop and work from a hotel lobby between meetings, you don’t have to put up with the pain. Just take these desk elbow pads with you.

Jelbows in black

Alleviate your CTS

Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome. If you type, edit, or even paint for a living, the tingling, burning sensation causes discomfort and even slow down your productivity. But not when you have Jelbows.

According to the company, this desk gadget can alleviate your discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, arthritis, and more.

These conditions are uncomfortable. But you won’t have to spend all evening icing your wrists and forearms when you add Jelbows to your workflow.

Jelbows ergonomic desk gel pads
Jelbows in Blue

Choose from different sizes

One size most certainly doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to wrist rests. And for that reason, Jelbows come in both large and small sizes.

The Small measures 4 inches wide while the Big is 6 inches wide. So if you want ample space to rest your elbows, go for the Large. Otherwise, the Small is ideal for petit users and smaller desk spaces.

But you could also choose to mix and match. Get a Large for your left elbow and a Small for your right one or vice versa if you favor a particular elbow.

Jelbows ergonomic desk gel pads
Jelbows supporting a person’s wrists

Select the color you like

You should like the look of anything you place on your desk, and your elbow pads are no exception. For that reason, Jelbows has four color options. So whether your tech is primarily black, silver, white, or colorful, your Jelbows will fit right in.

Check out the desk strip

Meanwhile, the Jelbows product line also has a desk strip complete with massage dots. It boasts a semi-firm, gel-like material that relieves pressure on your nerves and joints. Best of all, the massage dots add a spa element to your workday.

Keep your office area clean

An efficient work area is a clean one. And, with these desk elbow pads, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. If they get dusty or you spill some coffee on yours, just wipe it clean with warm water. For stubborn spots, add a drop of mild soap.

Working with carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions associated with repetitive movement is a literal pain. But Jelbows makes it easier. We love this gadget’s portability and gell pads. Yes, you really can work from anywhere—even the coffee shop—in total comfort with these desk elbow pads.

Want to add the Jelbows desk pad collection to your workday? Order them on Amazon for $16.49. What gadgets do you use to ease joint discomfort at work? Tell us about them in the comments.

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