The pandemic has been isolating, but I’ll always be grateful for one moment of community


Do you need to hear a happy story? A “so hundreds of thousands of people have died and large swaths of the country have refused to try to save lives and we’ve seen the Capitol attacked in an attempt to overturn an election but everything isn’t terrible all the time” kind of story?

So my son turned 4 early in this historic, life-altering pandemic, and obviously we had to cancel his birthday party. Oh, we had a Zoom party for his preschool classmates, with music by a local kids’ musician. But to tell a kid who was at the time regularly having us take walks past his school so he could peer in the door to be sure it’s closed because he wasn’t going to have his party, or a visit from his grandmothers, or anything, really, the first year he’d really thought ahead of time about the birthday he wanted? Oof. So we consulted our resident public health professionals (seriously, our building has two of them) and emailed everyone in our building asking for their help to make his day a little more special than a Zoom.

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