The Boys Celebrates Jack Quaid’s Scream Role With Bloody Montage


The Boys Twitter account celebrates Jack Quaid’s role in the new Scream movie with a bloody montage of his work in the hit Amazon series.

The Boys Twitter account celebrates Jack Quaid’s role in the new Scream movie with a bloody montage of his work in the hit Amazon series. Quaid got a running start in his acting career with a supporting role in the hit young adult novel adaptation The Hunger Games as a fellow competitor within the titular battle royale. The young star would begin getting bigger roles over the next few years, including being one of the main cast for Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s short-lived HBO series Vinyl, the well-received horror comedy Tragedy Girls, Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky and the Dwayne Johnson-led Rampage movie adaptation.


Quaid would then land his breakout role with Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys as Hughie Campbell, a civilian living in a world in which superheroes exist who teams up with the titular vigilante team to get revenge for the death of his girlfriend by speedster A-Train. The actor would subsequently land a major role in Paramount+’s Star Trek: Lower Decks, which has received rave reviews in its first two seasons and has a third currently in the works. Quaid is now making his way back to the big screen with Scream and is getting honored in a very unique manner.

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In honor of the film’s arrival in theaters, The Boys‘ official Twitter account has shared a bloody montage celebrating Jack Quaid’s role in Scream. The video is a collection of moments of Quaid’s Hughie screaming as he’s wrapped up in wild moments, including the infamous death of his girlfriend Robin, citing it as the star’s audition tape for the movie. Check out the funny montage below:

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The Boys Twitter account celebrating Quaid’s role in Scream is very on brand for the social media, keeping its tongue firmly in its cheek by calling the bloody montage his audition tape for the landing a part in the slasher. Even as a joke, the Amazon series served as a good stepping stone for Quaid to return to the bloody world of Wes Craven’s iconic horror franchise, with The Boys throwing far more gore at the actor than his horror debut in Tragedy Girls. It also proves a sweet ode to both the actor and fans to see The Boys celebrate Quaid’s Scream role with the bloody montage.

Anticipation was high for Scream in the lead up to its release and with the reviews coming out largely positive for the new installment in the franchise, the film has already scared up $3.5 million in its Thursday night previews. Though this falls just short of Halloween Kills‘ opening last year, projections still have Scream toppling Spider-Man: No Way Home  at the overall box office. Audiences also won’t have to wait long for The Boys to return for season 3 with a recent trailer confirming the show will premiere on June 3.

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