Thanks For Making This GivingTuesday Our Best One Yet!


We set ambitious goals for GivingTuesday, but they were driven by a time of great need.

With your help, we hoped to provide food and supplies for homeless veterans who sleep outside every night. We sought your help protecting vital land from deforestation. We teamed up with Wag! to provide 3 million meals for hungry shelter pets. We raised money to feed struggling Americans who wouldn’t otherwise get a holiday meal.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Now that GivingTuesday has passed, we’re truly humbled by your generosity and support. Your donations helped us not only meet but exceed our fundraising goals. Your support helped us make this GivingTuesday our most impactful one yet!

In partnership with Greater Good Charities, we provided 7,279 meals and comfort/survival supplies for veterans and their pets. Such a generous donation wouldn’t be possible without your donations. Thanks for helping us serve those heroes who bravely served our country.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

On GivingTuesday, we also teamed up with Greater Good Charities and Wag! to provide nearly 5 million meals for hungry shelter pets!

By the end of the day, your support allowed us to fund 4,900,946 meals for hungry shelter pets, which was far above our original goal of 3 million meals. We’ve already seen how nutritious meals can make a life-changing difference for hungry animals. Your donations will help shelter pets stay happy, healthy, and well-fed during this time of unprecedented need.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

On GivingTuesday, you also helped us provide hot meals and supplies to hundreds of Americans experiencing food insecurity following the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. With your support, GreaterGood and Greater Good Charities provided 521 nutritious meals and necessities to help struggling families survive this challenging time and get back on their feet.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

But your support wasn’t limited to just people and pets. When we asked for your help protecting 1,500 acres of vital habitat, you rose to the challenge. In fact, your generous giving actually allowed GreaterGood and Greater Good Charities to protect 6,280 acres of critical land, along with all the animals who call it home.

Again, we couldn’t have done all this good without your generous giving. Thanks for sharing our commitment to people, pets, and our planet–and for making this GivingTuesday our best one yet!

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