Terrified Puppy Refused To Leave Her Crate Until A Kind Boy Offered Her A Treat


Tamara is an animal foster mom, and she received a call to help late one night. She wasn’t expecting to take in a puppy that day, but she couldn’t say no.

Knowing how foster animals can be, she wasn’t sure what to expect with the puppy, but she opened her home to the pup regardless.

She shared on TikTok that when Parker arrived at her house, she was cowering in the back of her crate. She wouldn’t make eye contact and refused to move. It was after 9:00PM, so Tamara gave him space to relax and unwind for the night.

Photo: TikTok/tamara.l.lee

Sadly, the next morning little Parker was still cowering at the back of her crate. She wouldn’t look at anyone and just sat – as far away as she could get from humans.

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Speaking with The Dodo, Tamara said, “As a mom, all I wanted to do was scoop her up and hug her and kiss her and tell her she was going to be ok. But fosters need patience, and they need to do it on their own, so I didn’t do much with her at that point.”

On the third day, Parker finally made some progress. After Tamara sat near her crate for a few hours on and off, the little pup slowly edged closer to her and made quick eye contact. By that afternoon, she was comfortable enough to say hello!

Photo: TikTok/The Dodo

While Parker’s progress was a huge success, she had a long way to go still. After licking Tamara’s hand, the little pup darted back to the far end of her crate and still refused to come out.

As it turns out, it seems what the dog really needed was just a little love from a child. When Tamara’s son was home, he walked over to the edge of the dog’s crate with some food in his hand. Suddenly, Parker perked up and ran out! Her tail was wagging and she seemed comfortable and excited.

Photo: TikTok/The Dodo

From there, Parker seemed to relax in her surroundings and start to show her true self. It wasn’t long before she was running around the house, claiming it as her own.

Her foster family really got to see her personality shine through, and despite whatever she’d been through before arriving at their home, it seems she finally learned to trust again.

Photo: TikTok/The Dodo
Photo: TikTok/The Dodo

Tamara shared on TikTok that Parker finally found her forever home. She’s now living her best life with a family and gets to live with another dog!

Watch her story in the video below:

You can follow Tamara on TikTok to keep up with her foster animals and life.

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