Sister Wives: How The Family’s Plural Marriage Takes Its Toll On The Kids

Sister Wives: How The Family’s Plural Marriage Takes Its Toll On The Kids

Sister Wives viewers feel Kody’s polygamist lifestyle negatively affects his children. Most think he doesn’t spend enough quality time with them.

Kody Brown has had to defend his polygamist lifestyle for some time, but Sister Wives viewers are starting to believe his way of living has affected his children. Between juggling four marriages, constant needs, and his own wants, viewers feel he has let down his children more than once. While most of Kody’s kids are now grown up, some are starting to notice how little they know their dad.

Kody has been criticized for not spending enough time with his children for years now. Since the pandemic started, the patriarch has seen his kids even less thanks to the strict rules he chose to put into place. Throughout the seasons, TLC viewers have noted that Kody’s once loving nature has turned more competitive. While growing up in a polygamous family has never been easy for the kids, in the beginning, Kody offered more support than he does now. It’s no wonder most of the older children have revealed they are happy to live a monogamous lifestyle.


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Some believe that adolescents who grow up in a polygamist family can suffer from low self-esteem and higher levels of family dysfunction. While the Brown family seems to be doing better than others, each child of Kody’s does have their own set of personal issues. Sister Wives season 16 is showing Kody’s older children finally stand up for themselves, but viewers wonder how damaged each Brown child was before they realized their father might be leading them down the wrong path. Thanks to Kody’s strained unions, the generational damage could be hard to undo.

Kody Brown in Sister Wives

One major issue brought up by viewers is that the children may not have a good idea of what a healthy relationship should look like. Most of the kids have grown up with multiple women in the home and have watched their father push each to the side in order to live with his fourth wife, Robyn. Kody’s poor time management skills haven’t made things easier. Kody made a conscious choice to ignore the pleas of his first three wives in order to make sure Robyn felt safe. Kody refused to travel to New Jersey for his daughter’s surgery, essentially sealing his fate in his children’s eyes.

While none of Kody’s kids have spoken out specifically on the issue, their actions reveal their true feelings. Garrison recently bought a home of his own in order to stop living under his father’s strict rules. Mykelti and Ysabel Brown have also stopped talking to their dad after their mother, Christine, chose to end their marriage. Sadly, Kody doesn’t seem too bothered by his children’s unrest as he refuses to change his ways.

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Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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