Ryan Reynolds Responds To Rumor That His Green Lantern Will Appear In The Snyder Cut


So it definitely seems like Zack Snyder’s Justice League will have a heavier Green Lantern presence, although whether it’s one of the main human Lanterns, like Hal Jordan or John Stewart, or another alien Lantern, like Kilowog, who shows up remains to be seen. This also still doesn’t guarantee that this will be the aforementioned hero cameo at the end of the movie, although considering that Green Lantern is often depicted as a founding member of the Justice League, that certainly gives him better odds. We know the Green Lantern Corps exists in the DCEU, and following Steppenwolf’s defeat, you’d think the Guardians of the Universe, would at least have whoever’s protecting Sector 2814 to check out how Earth is doing in the aftermath of the invasion.

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