Rescuers Help Growling Pit Bull Mom Learn To Trust Again


When Eleni of Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary got a call about a rescued pit bull that’d just given birth at a veterinarian’s office, she knew she had to go check it out.

When she arrived at the office, they let her go into the back to view the new mama dog and her puppies. Eleni was heartbroken by what she saw. On the window of the dog’s enclosure, there were written messages saying things like, “I will eat you. Do not touch. Don’t trust me.”

The mama dog was clearly distressed and wouldn’t stop aggressively growling when Eleni approached.

Photo: Max Pixel

Eleni immediately knew she had to take this dog home and give it a second chance at life. The veterinarian staff repeatedly asked her, “are you sure you want this one?” But that only made her want to help the poor dog even more.

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Once Eleni got the dog to her home, she put her and her puppies into a large cage in her office. She wasn’t sure the mama dog, who she named Marvel, was ready to have free roam of the house. Marvel would need to learn to trust humans more first since she was definitely a “bite risk” to anyone around her.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Thankfully, Eleni had just the right amount of patience and dedication to work her way into Marvel’s heart.

It took a lot of effort, but eventually, Marvel let Eleni take her for a walk and even pet her!

It wasn’t long before Marvel’s personality really began to shine and they realized she was a true teddy bear.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

While she appeared aggressive and menacing at first, it was just because she was terrified. We’re not sure what happened to her before being rescued, but it’s safe to assume it wasn’t good.

As Marvel’s puppies got older, applications to adopt them began to pour in. There was just one problem: No one was applying to adopt Marvel herself.

Thankfully, after Marvel’s story was shared on The Dodo, Eleni received over 100 applications for her!

While many of them weren’t a great fit, there was one application that sounded perfect – and it turned out to be just that.

Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary announced Marvel’s adoption on Instagram.

They said, “Don’t pinch yourself, you aren’t dreaming, this really is our now famous Marvel of #marvelslittlemiracles in her new car heading to her new home!!!”

“There’s just no stopping her. She’s a superhero,” Eleni said of Marvel. We’re so glad she got the happy ending she desrves!

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