Rescued Dog Faced Death Before Boarding A Flight That Saved His Life

Rescued Dog Faced Death Before Boarding A Flight That Saved His Life

Every year, thousands of perfectly adoptable shelter pets die in Louisiana, where chronically overcrowded, underfunded shelters are often forced to resort to euthanasia.

Many of these dogs have heartworm disease, a treatable condition that nevertheless proves deadly in shelters where resources are scarce. Other dogs and cats are simply victims of shelter overcrowding, which is sadly common in the South.

Sammy is a heartworm-positive shelter dog, which gives him a slim chance of survival in Louisiana. Photo: LaFourche Parish Animal Shelter

These tragic, preventable fates inspire Greater Good Charities to partner with the Animal Rescue Site and Freekibble to operate Flights to Freedom, which fly high-risk shelter pets from Louisiana to safety and adoption on the East Coast every month.

Thanks to a generous grant from PEDIGREE Foundation and Mars Petcare, we’ll be operating two rescue flights in June, thus saving more than 100 high-risk shelter dogs and cats from euthanasia. This also means anything you give to support June’s Flights to Freedom will be matched by our generous donors.

Geneva, Rose, and Concert will be among the 100+ shelter pets flying to safety on our June Flights to Freedom. Photo: Acadiana Animal Aid/Cara’s House

On June 18 and 19, Flights to Freedom will fly from Louisiana to Michigan and Florida, where shelter pet passengers will be distributed to local shelters for treatment and adoption. Unlike in Louisiana, where shelter pets face an uncertain fate, these lucky pet travelers will be adopted in days.

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These rescue flights will help shelter dogs like Sammy, who was surrendered to the shelter when his family moved away. But though Sammy is a very good boy and eager to find his new home, he also has heartworm disease, which gave him a slim chance of survival in Louisiana. Without this Flight to Freedom, Sammy may not have left the shelter alive.

June Flights to Freedom will also save at-risk shelter pets like Lilliana, Geneva, Concert, Rose, and Honey, all perfectly adoptable dogs and cats facing uncertain fates in Louisiana. By flying at-risk animals to parts of the country where demand for adoption is high, Flights to Freedom will help these loving pets quickly get adopted.

June Flights to Freedom passengers Lilliana and Honey can’t wait to meet their new families. Photo: Acadiana Animal Aid/Cara’s House

But we can’t operate Flights to Freedom without your generous donations, which help these life-saving missions take flight. Donating just $5 helps us fund 125 miles for an at-risk shelter pet flying to safety on our June Flights to Freedom. Larger donations will help us fly X, XX, or XX shelter pets to freedom. Your lifesaving donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $35,000, thanks to PEDIGREE Foundation and Mars Petcare.

Thanks for helping us give Sammy, Lilliana, Geneva, Concert, Rose, Honey, and other at-risk shelter pets a second chance at life!

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