Rescue Story of Joy Will Melt Your Heart. Watch How It Ends

Rescue Story of Joy Will Melt Your Heart. Watch How It Ends

Animal Protection Society (APS) received a call about a street dog in Nathdwara who needed serious help. The dog had gotten into a bad accident where his front leg was damaged, and bone popped out. 

The story is about a dog named Joy, brutally injured due to a bad accident. Animal Protection Society (APS) is a non-governmental organization that has been commenced as an endeavor to safeguard homeless animals and cater to their needs. They ensure the safety of the animals in case of any emergency. But unfortunately, when they received a call for Joy’s rescue, it was not the same day as the accident. Joy had suffered nearly 15 days without treatment and was in a pathetic condition. 

Joy is from Nathdwara, which is 45 Km away from Udaipur. After receiving the complaint, the APS team went to Nathdwara and rescued him. Even though his paw was all broken and he had so many injuries on himself, the rescue team found him relaxed and friendly. In fact, this made the treatment procedure quite easy for them.

Joy is all set to go home after three months of proper care and treatment. But unfortunately, his leg could not be saved. He had to undergo surgery with an amputation. After his recovery, the APS team took him and dropped him at his home. However, they worried about Joy’s safety. So to ensure his safety, they spoke to the neighbors and people around, who assured the team about Joy’s safety and that they would take care of him. Today, Joy is happy and in a better place now.

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