Rescue Cat Finally Finds a Forever Home After More Than Four Years of Waiting


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My heart was broken in March 2018 when I had to euthanize my much-loved cat due to an inoperable mass in her abdomen that was probably cancer. She had shown up in the yard in the summer of 2006 and found her forever home. I decided to wait several months before adopting another cat and started looking in May.


I wanted another female black cat and looked online at local shelters but did not find one. I then turned to Petfinder and saw the photo of a female black cat; the story said she had been waiting for a home for over four years. I decided she had been waiting long enough and contacted the foster mom online.

It seems that Sheba did poorly at adoption events, which is why no one had taken her in. The foster mom decided I should meet Sheba at her home.

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When I entered the house, Sheba was laying on a coffee table. I sat down on the sofa and started talking to her, then picked up a wand toy and enticed her to play with it. The foster mom told me that Sheba had always run away and hid when other potential adopters came to meet her, or else hissed/swatted at them, so she knew I was the person Sheba had been waiting for.

Sheba came to her forever home in June 2018 and as time has passed, her true sweet self started to shine. She truly picked me and helped to heal my broken heart.


Story submitted by Ann Moriarity from Gerald, Missouri.

Sheba’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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