Pot, have you seen kettle? Project Veritas says ‘fraudsters’ stole their money


According to O’Keefe, days before the flooding from Hurricane Ida destroyed the Project Veritas headquarters, “hackers” were able to run a relatively sophisticated-sounding scam on the group. The scammers used email to impersonate one or more of the group’s many lawyers. (Project Veritas is frequently in court suing someone or being sued for their fraudulent claims, like massive election fraud claims that were later proven to be 100% lies.*) While impersonating the lawyers and replying within an email thread between Veritas and their real lawyers, they were able to get the right-wing video company to wire $165,614.03 in legal fees to not-their-lawyers’ bank account.

The group claims that this is just one of a few cyberattacks. O’Keefe, who has claimed all kinds of things that turned out to be entirely false, claims that one of the attacks in the past has been for groups to “donate $50,000 but then asked for a refund which incurs a fee to us and they’ve done this repeatedly in an attempt to apparently hurt us.” Heh. That’s messed up. It’s not as messed up as paying a woman to pretend she was impregnated by a politician when she was a teenager and then made to get an abortion, but it’s messed up nonetheless. 

Is this all true? I don’t know. In fact, with Project Veritas’ history of lying and misleading people, it’s hard to know. Would O’Keefe—a man who was given a made-up award by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ terrible-person wife, Virginia, in a Trump hotel—lie? 

Most recently Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, a man known for having real problems with the truth as a concept, attempted to use some of Project Veritas’ video work to say everything being reported about him was a conspiracy. It was Gaetz’s play to deflect accusations of sex trafficking and generally disreputable behavior. Project Veritas’ entire history is the bottom of the barrel. Maybe O’Keefe is just working on getting some more of that commie PPP money he’s been living off of the past year(Disclosure: Kos Media received a Paycheck Protection Program loan.) 

*100% lies.

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