Pet care brand Wiggles redefines its positioning with a new brand identity titled ‘Lovemark’

Pet care brand Wiggles redefines its positioning with a new brand identity titled ‘Lovemark’

~capturing the brand’s purpose and journeying towards becoming India’s #PartnerInPethood, the new logo is symbolic to Wiggles’ relationship with animals~

5th December 2022, India:

Reinforcing its commitment and promise towards pets and animals, pioneering homegrown pet care brand Wiggles now introduces a refreshed brand identity as it turns 4. Synonymous with the brand purpose and journeying towards becoming India’s committed #PartnerInPethood, Wiggles’ new identity leading with the ‘W’ titled ‘Lovemark’ is inspired by a heart signifying unconditional love, infinity signifying unending commitment and a tick mark that signifies making smart choices. Wiggle’s Lovemark is symbolic of the unconditional and infinite love and lasting imprints that animals have on humans.

Conceived by Ideosphere for Wiggles, Wiggle’s new identity has a smart and modern appeal and is designed to reflect the brand’s friendly and approachable vibe. With a mission of driving responsible pet and animal care by enabling audiences to understand them better, Wiggles is focused on creating a better world for pets and animals by providing expert-driven, backed science products and services to ensure that pets and their humans live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO of Wiggles


Speaking on the brand’s new identity, Anushka Iyer, Founder, and CEO, of Wiggles, said, “Pets are our kids for us and always will be an emotion that is now increasingly shared by my fellow Gen Z and millennials. And we want nothing more than for our pets to be happy, healthy, and safe. With this vision, we started Wiggles in 2018 and set out to revolutionize the pet healthcare industry. Our first logo- which will always be special to me, was about recognising and celebrating the relationship between pets and their human parents. We wanted to convey a brand that acknowledged the spirit of unconditional love in all our offerings and was backed by the credibility of veterinary expertise. Our journey over the past four years has been greater than ever expected; we have listened to pet parents across the country and have grown to meet and raise standards of petcare to now offer not only pharma but also food and treats, health and wellness, and even services.”

“Our mission of doing right by pets and animals has always been deeply rooted in all that we do, even if it means constantly going above and beyond because we believe in doing right by our pets and community animals- from the day they come home to seniority. And that is what our new identity is all about as it is a rebranding that is holistic and not just by means of design. Our new Wiggles Lovemark is a visual signifier of our passion and commitment to not just unconditional love but also making the smart choices forever for our pets and animals, because they deserve nothing less than our best, always.” Anushka concluded.

Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat, Co-Founder and CEO, Ideosphere
Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat, Co-Founder and CEO, Ideosphere


Speaking on crafting Wiggles’ Lovemark, Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Ideosphere, said, “It is always challenging to define a differentiated space in a cluttered, highly competitive industry, like the booming pet care space. We wanted to ensure the new brand identity complemented the core purpose of Wiggles, to be better towards pets and animals, and for the identity and messaging to be able to connect to the emotion, passion, and story of the Wiggles brand. It was truly a collaborative journey of discovery with the Wiggles team, and we are excited to see how the audiences respond to the change.”

Prashant Kohli, Vice President, Brand Strategy, Wiggles
Prashant Kohli, Vice President, Brand Strategy, Wiggles


Prashant Kohli, Vice President, Brand Strategy at Wiggles, said, “The brand refresh goes far deeper than the visual identity and messaging. The strategy that led to this identity forms the guiding and organizing principle for our business and helps chart a growth path. We’ve started our journey by reframing and re-organising Wiggles from a product and service brand to a 360 ecosystem for petcare, built as a house of brands. Driven by animal lovers, pet parents, and experts who’ve dedicated their professional lives to reimagining petcare in the country, we understand firsthand the problems that plague this category. We’re super excited about consolidating, launching, and growing sub-brands that solve the most critical and relevant problems for Indian pets and their humans – from good, clean, healthy nutrition to holistic, compassionate, smart health care and more.”

About Wiggles

Wiggles Lovemark Logo

Loved and trusted by over 600,000 pets and pet parents, Wiggles was launched with a vision of creating a 360° petcare ecosystem that caters to a pet’s needs from birth, integrating physical, emotional, and social care. Founded in 2018 by pet parents Anushka Iyer, Rajh Iyer, and Venkat Mahadevan, Wiggles is rooted in veterinary science and is home to a growing range of category-creating services and products spanning across food and treats, grooming essentials, health supplements, and medicines, etc. Wiggles has set up India’s first state-of-the-art boarding, training, and veterinary facility at Petsville in Pune, and its community Wiggles Tribe is India’s largest online and offline pet parent community with access to experts like vets, behaviourists, nutritionists, and trainers.

Certified and recognised by institutions like IBPASA, Ministry of Ayush, and World Pet Association, Wiggles offers indigenious and vet approved solutions for Indian pets and their parents. Continuing to cement its position as a committed #PartnerInPethood, Wiggles’ products are available on e-commerce platforms, in pet shops, and in retail stores. Pet parents can also avail of products and services via

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