Netflix’s The Girl On The Train: 7 Major Differences From The Book And Emily Blunt Movie


Netflix’s Girl On The Train Has Additional Twists

Netflix’s The Girl On the Train adds all these new and familiar suspects just to make Nusrat’s killer someone you least expected: the lead investigator on the case: Inspector Dalbir Kaur Bagga (Kirti Kulhari). Technically, in this version Tom, aka Shekhar, is not Megan/Nusrat’s killer. He strangles her after their confrontation when she reveals that she’s pregnant, but he runs off and just believes that he kills her.

Instead, her real killer is the woman investigating her murder. In the film’s biggest WTF moment, Mira discovers that inspector Bagga is really the one who killed the private investigator Walter (Richie Lawrie), tried to kill her several times, and killed Nusrat. She only killed Nusrat because she caught Bagga trying to strangle Mira, so she had to get rid of the witness. Bagga is the daughter of a man that Mira (as a lawyer) got put away for various crimes. He then committed suicide in prison. Bagga has been trying to ruin or kill Mira for a while.

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