Neighbors Get A Special Visit Every Day From A 14-Year-Old Golden Retriever


If you ever had a golden retriever in your life, you realize how loving they can be. They show that love to the family but they aren’t afraid to share the love with others as well.

That is where Oliver comes in. Ever since Oliver was a puppy, he enjoyed getting out and seeing what the world had to offer.

At times, his human mom (Sue) found it to be a little stressful when Oliver would wander off. It was during those wanderings, however, that Oliver met some special friends.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Oliver is now 14 years old, and for the past nine years, he has been visiting one of the neighbors. He would often surprise them by stopping by to say hello and he has become an adopted member of their family.

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The human mother at that home, Melissa, will speak with Sue often about Oliver so that they can make sure that he is okay.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Modern technology has also stepped in as well because he wears a GPS tracker so they never lose track of him.

Oliver has also done his job of helping people to stay engaged during the pandemic. He loves visiting the neighbor, but he loves being at home as well.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It’s nice to know that company is stopping by and Oliver is always welcome at Melissa’s home.

Watch the video below:

You can keep up with Oliver on Instagram, @oliver_the_white_dawg.

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