Motorola Edge 30 Ultra With A Stylus Could Be A Real Galaxy S22 Rival

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra With A Stylus Could Be A Real Galaxy S22 Rival

The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is coming, and it will have a Bluetooth stylus that makes it a rival to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

New details about Motorola‘s upcoming flagship, the Edge 30 Ultra, reveal it will have some fantastic features, one of which is a Bluetooth stylus that positions it as a worthy rival to Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. The stylus is an input device that has existed for decades — from the passive ones that shipped with the PDAs of old to the modern-day active ones with input buttons and touch sensitivity.

Motorola is not new to the stylus game as it makes mid-range smartphones with a built-in stylus under its budget Moto G series. However, the stylus on these phones offers limited functions compared to the S Pen that ships with some Samsung phones or tablets or the iPad’s Apple Pencil. However, Motorola is about to change that with its upcoming flagship smartphone.


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The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is expected to launch soon. While several vital details about the phone and its design have already been leaked, a new set of essential details have surfaced. According to XDA Developers, the latest information is about two optional accessories for the upcoming smartphone. One of them is the Motorola Smart Stylus, and the other is dubbed the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Folio Case. While they are separate, the two accessories have several strings linking them together. The Smart Stylus borrows many features from Samsung’s latest iteration of the S Pen, such as Bluetooth connectivity, support for air gestures, and wireless charging. It can also work as an air mouse when the phone is connected to an external display, and the button on the side can control media playback. In addition, owners will be able to use the stylus to write directly into text boxes, and tapping the stylus will bring up apps that work with it.

More Than A Case

Smart Stylus and Folio Case for the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

The second accessory, the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Folio Case (tentative name), offers more than just protection for the phone. The case not only has a pocket on the back for storing the stylus but will also wirelessly charge it. What is more interesting is its software tricks tied to the stylus. For example, it can detect when the stylus has been removed but is not in use after a while and then alert the user. There is also the ability to auto-launch a specific app when the stylus is removed from the case. The app can vary depending on if the phone is locked or unlocked.

The front of the case has a vertical window that runs from the top of the screen to the bottom. This window will show call alerts and notification icons, and users can choose to accept or reject a call without flipping the case open. These accessories will be optional, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s S Pen and stylus case. There is no info on how much they will cost, but they make the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a great alternative to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Source: XDA Developers

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