Missouri Spelunkers Rescue Dog Missing for Months Deep Inside Cave

Missouri Spelunkers Rescue Dog Missing for Months Deep Inside Cave

A group of Missouri spelunkers (cavers) accidentally found a missing senior dog and came to its rescue after the dog disappeared from the family two months ago.

With no apparent primary leads on the owner, rescuers even had to knock on doors in the local area in a bid to find her.

The Moore Cave system, where the dog was stumbled upon, is around 22 miles long and reported to be the 23rd longest cave in the U.S. According to Fox 2, the groups of cave explorers were deep within the cave between Brewer and Perryville when the dog was found.

According to reports, the cave has running water along with fish and crustaceans inside, but with “total darkness” in the cave, rescuers were left confused about how the old dog survived for so long.

“She was totally cooperative,” explained rescuer Rick Haley in a social media post.

Rescuers Haley and Gerry Keene managed to maneuver Abby out of the cave in a duffel bag through a two-foot opening followed by 500 feet over a “tight, awkward, vertical climb.”

Haley is a trained cave rescuer and was at the scene to oversee the sump dive, which came in handy when one diver’s equipment had an issue.

Earlier this year, another dog was found in a surprising place after pup Flossie was rescued from a closed-off rabbit hole in her own backyard.

Terrier Flossie went missing on a Monday morning in Devon, England, but was found almost three days later, thanks to the combined help of her family, a neighbor, and fellow “earth dogs.”

According to Vernon, Flossie had accidentally buried herself alive after crawling down the rabbit hole. Only when a neighbor heard a small bark from the hole in the ground was Flossie discovered trapped underneath.

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