Meet Whiskey: Kristen Bell’s New Three-Legged Rescue Dog


Kristen Bell and husband, Dax Shepard, just added a new member to their family – a three-legged rescue dog named Whiskey.

Bell shared the exciting news with her fans on Instagram. She wrote, “Meet Whiskey! Before he was rescued he got in a fight with a truck and lost (a leg) but who needs four legs anyway?”

Thousands of her fans thanked her for rescuing and commented on Whiskey’s adorable face.

Photo: Instagram/kristenanniebell

“He is perfectly wonderful! How sweet he is! Welcome to the most loving family Whiskey 💯🙌🏻❤️ you landed on your feet and three are just right,” commented one person.

Another added, “my love of whiskey has been extended.”

The little guy is settling in nicely with his new family and loves to cuddle. “He and dog Brother Frank share my lap (see photo evidence), the girls adore him and Dad lovingly tolerates him. No more truck stops for you, buddy. Welcome home.”

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Shepard is allergic to dogs, but that hasn’t stopped Bell from bringing dogs into their home. She just makes sure they are hypoallergenic dogs.

Prior to adopting Whiskey, the family fostered a litter of “itty bitty” pups for a local dog rescue, Wagmor Pets. Each one found a loving forever home.

Bell told USA Today that she will foster puppies but tries to adopt the adult or senior dogs. “For me, knowing I can provide comfort for an old guy or gal that would otherwise be in a shelter or possibly get put down, it just makes me feel good. I desperately want to promote happiness and reduce suffering, and allowing these seniors to live in my house and just sit on their dog bed all day and once in a while mosey on over to the food, it’s a pretty easy way to provide comfort.”

She takes great pride in adopting and caring for dogs. “I adore dogs. I think they’re nature’s antidepressants,” Bell says. “When I’m responsible for caring for an animal, it gives me a lot of self-esteem. I gravitate towards dogs so much, I think because they’re nonverbal, and sometimes I feel I can’t always find the words.”

Frank was adopted from The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles and appears often on Bell’s Instagram.

Be like Bell and adopt don’t shop!

Follow the actress on Instagram for more adorable photos of her pups.

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