Love Island: Molly-Mae Hague Apologizes For Wealth Comments After Backlash

Love Island: Molly-Mae Hague Apologizes For Wealth Comments After Backlash

Molly-Mae Hague apologized to fans over her previous post on wealth acquisition after going under fire. Hague stated she had no malicious intent. 

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague’s latest post on social media was an address to fans after she went under fire for a previous post. Hague’s sensitive post was about wealth acquisition, and she insinuated that everyone could become wealthy because everyone has “the same 24 hours in a day.” The TV star clarified her statement in the new post and apologized to her fans. 

Hague, who has more than six million fans on her social media pages, made headlines after snippets of her interview of The Diary of a CEO podcast resurfaced on the internet. During the interview, Hague opened up on her career and how she made progress from her humble beginnings to her celebrity status. However, she took the moment to sensitize fans on the need to maximize potentials when it came to wealth creation. Hague told the host: You’re given one life, and it’s down to you what you do with it.” The Pretty Little Thing create director buttressed her point noting that everyone had control over the directions their life takes. The 22-year-old stated that she faced backlash in the past for this sentiment and was told that she never had money struggles while growing up. Hague insisted that she was right that everyone had the same 24 hours during the interview.” She noted that she believed anyone could achieve their heart desires if they wanted something enough. Fans who came across Molly’s video clamped down on it, pointing out that there were factors that hindered financial success. 


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According to Us Weekly, in her response to the growing criticism, Hague apologized to the people that [had] been affected negatively. She also apologized to fans who misunderstood the point she tried to make. Hague clarified that the purpose of her interview was to share her success story and also to inspire fans. She closed the short message by reminding her fans that she loved them “always.”

Prior to her apology post, Hague’s publicity team released a statement, claiming that some fans misinterpreted the point the TV star tried to get across. Her team noted that anyone who listened to the interview would decipher that Hague’s point of view was about her personal experiences. It was also stated that social media users twisted Hague’s words into statements like, if you are homeless, buy a house and if you are poor, be poor.” The statement further established that those were not Hague’s words.

On Love Island, Hague and her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, were considered one of the most admired couples during their stint in season 5. The pair proved to be so in love, and even amid their drama with fellow star Jake Paul, Hague and Fury’s love endured. However, now that she seems to have slightly fallen from grace among her fans, it is safe to say the only thing left is for the young celebrity to redeem herself. 

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Source: Us Weekly


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