Legends: Arceus’ Request Are Just Pokémon GO Special Research

Legends: Arceus’ Request Are Just Pokémon GO Special Research

The quests in Pokémon Legends: Arceus bear a strong resemblance to the special research in Pokémon go. However, they make the game even stronger.

It’s hard to deny that Pokémon Legends: Arceus‘ quest system is very similar to the special research tasks from Pokémon GO. Considering that quests are one of the major parts of the game, players will become well acquainted with them. Players who have played both titles will surely realize the similarities.

However, these similarities are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, one could argue that these Requests are incorporated even better into the game than Pokémon GO‘s special research is. When looked at from a certain perspective, it can be reasoned that the quests of Pokémon Legends: Arceus do a good job of expanding the game’s content and fleshing out the setting. With Pokemon Legends: Arceus breaking sales records, many fans would likely agree.


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In Legends: Arceus, quests are given out by various characters, and can also be read from Professor Laventon’s chalkboard. Quest goals range from catching a specific Pokémon to show the quest giver, giving the requested Pokémon as a gift, and completing a certain Pokédex entry to show them. There are also some more eclectic quests with unique goals, such as finding Pokémon around the village. Some of these Requests will even reward progress toward finishing a Pokédex entry. Most of the time, the Requests are not especially intrusive, and the rewards are frequently quite nice, so there is plenty of incentive for the player. Some Requests in Legends: Arceus, such as catching a big Buizel, will also give the player plenty of time to learn some of the game’s new features.

Legends: Arceus’ Requests Feel Like An Evolution Of GO’s Special Research

Completing quests and completing the Pokédex are satisfying experiences.

Pokémon GO‘s special research assignments were quite similar, tasking the player with catching specific types of Pokémon or performing certain actions for a reward. Rewards in this case usually consisted of Poké Balls, berries, and other items to help the player catch Pokémon more efficiently. However, the special research assignments did have a major reward once the player did enough of them in the form of an opportunity to catch a Legendary Pokémon. It is an impressive reward, but also extremely difficult to obtain, especially since Pokémon GO does not allow the player to weaken Pokémon through battle before catching them. In comparison, Legends: Arceus’ rising star rank levels are less flashy, but a satisfying way to track progress.

While Legends: Arceus‘ Requests are very much like Pokémon GO‘s special research, they are woven incredibly well into the game. While Pokémon GO largely has no real goal outside of fulfilling research assignments, Legends: Arceus has a story for the player to follow. The quests are incorporated into the game in a way that feels very natural, and the player can take some time out to handle them without feeling like the Request is out of place. The way they are presented makes them feel like a natural extension of the player’s journey, especially since completing the Pokédex in Legends: Arceus is the main focus. At the same time, there is satisfaction in helping the villagers who are ignorant about Pokémon become more informed and less afraid of them.

Although the Request system feels very much like a new version of Pokémon GO‘s special research, it fits Pokémon Legends: Arceus perfectly. It gives the player further encouragement to explore the world and catch as many Pokémon as they can, drawing them further into the main focus of the game. As a mechanic, the Requests are fun and make the player feel accomplished, just like the rest of the game.

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