Joey Votto Gave The Baseball From His First Big League Hit To His Dog


What would you do with a baseball from your first Big League Baseball game hit if you were a professional player? Maybe you’d save it in an air-tight box or preserve it in a safe.

If you’re Joey Votto, however, you might just give it to your dog to chew on.

The Cincinnati Reds’ first baseman, Joey Votto, has recorded 2,000 big league hits. While he’s made quite a name for himself in the world of baseball, he happened to gain a few new fans after interviewing in a postgame press conference.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In the conference, which was shared to Twitter, Votto was asked what he would do with the baseball from his 2,000th hit.

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As part of his answer, he shared a story about the baseball from his very first big league hit. As it turns out, that baseball doesn’t exist anymore because his dog ate it!

Votto has a beloved dog, Maris, and he chose to do something unique with his special baseball by gifting it to his dog.

Photo: Max Pixel

As Votto said in the interview, “He was a young dog and I just wanted him to be happy. Maybe it wasn’t a good thing to give to him. I don’t know if you should be giving dogs baseballs but I did at the time.”

Naturally, he gained a lot of dog-loving fans from the interview. People were enamored with the fact that he cared so deeply for his pup!

A veterinarian shared with Dogster that baseballs are actually on their list of “the worst things a dog can eat.”

They explained, “The interiors of baseballs are made of stringy rope. When that stuff unwinds in the intestines, an obstruction is incredibly likely.”


While Votto’s story is incredibly sweet, it’s best to avoid giving dogs baseballs.

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