Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom: 13 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Raiders Sequel


Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Helped Inspire The PG-13 Rating

These days, the sight of what appears to be live human beings falling to their deaths (among other more frightening and brutal subject matter throughout Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) would get an automatic PG-13, at least, but that was not the case in 1984. However, the borderline horror film’s PG rating caused public outrage, especially among parents distraught over subjecting their children to the sight of a man’s still beating heart pulled out of his chest. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Steven Spielberg, who had gone through similar controversy that same year as a producer on Gremlins, called up MPAA head Jack Valenti suggesting a rating between PG and R and, the next thing he knew, PG-13 was born.

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