Former GOP Michigan elections canvasser and big lie supporter spent Thanksgiving in ICU with COVID


Back in February 2020, Hartmann posted his thoughts on the “CoronaVirus” to Facebook, saying he was at the doctor’s office and the doctor told him that “It’s just a virus like any other virus,” and there was no reason other than corporate greed for there to be all this “hullabaloo” about things. His sage medical advice? “Like always wash your hands if you go out. Just be health conscious.” He was also misinformed on how the law works and what our constitutional amendments mean regarding vaccinations, writing: “Whether you got the shot or not, you don’t have to answer. 1st & 5th Amendment” back in July. 

Before that he would post the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was overblown by the Democratic and liberal media establishment in order to “scare the public,” also referring to the virus as the “wuflu,” an obvious attempt at more lower-than-low-brow humor. Like many of the people found suffering from COVID-19 who refused to get vaccinated, Hartmann posted all kinds of threadbare memes with equally threadbare logic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Wayne County has had at least 224,000 cases of COVID-19 with almost 6,000 deaths. As with many places across the country, Michigan has seen a steady rise in COVID cases. As the delta variant has spread, schools and workplaces have returned to full-time operation, and vaccination rates are still below what we hoped they would be (in no small part due to people like Hartmann). Over the last two weeks, Wayne County has reported 131 deaths due to COVID-19.

In a reply to someone trying to promote getting the COVID-19 vaccination in a comment thread on his Facebook page in July, Hartmann wrote, “the current ones who did get the shot are the trial, the ones that didn’t are the control group. It’s too soon to know the outcome.” 

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