FLEX & LOCK kids’ silicone lunch box provides clean and safe leakproof protection


End lunch-packing dilemmas with the FLEX & LOCK kids’ silicone lunch box. With a clean, safe, leakproof design, this lunch container uses no rubber seal. So there’s no spot for dirt and grime to collect in gaskets, growing mold and bacteria as well as causing permanent stains. In fact, you can safely sterilize the FlexPlate thanks to its FDA-approved platinum-grade silicone material. This heat-resistant premium-grade material, and its removable design, make it safe for microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers. Plus, it’s so cute that it will help kids love their lunchtime experience! Encouraging a healthy and waste-free meal, this kids’ silicone lunch box is both a safe choice for parents and a fun option for kids. With an easy-to-clean design, the FLEX & LOCK has a fun cover that children can personalize. Finally, this BPA-free kids’ lunch box allows your child to enjoy a healthy lunch and interactive playtime using FlexCharms.

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