Finley the Golden Retriever Breaks Guinness World Record With Tennis Ball Skills


It’s no secret that dogs are capable of incredible things and that they can occasionally be goofballs.

For Finley the golden retriever, it’s exactly the combination of these two things that’s landed him a spot in the 2022 Guinness Book of World Records.

Without any help from his family (parents Cherie and Rob Molloy and their daughter Erin, who adopted him as a pup), Finley can hold an astonishing six tennis balls in his mouth at once!

Finley, a six-year-old Golden who lives with his family in the Finger Lakes area, absolutely loves toys of any kind, especially balls — whether baseball, softball, tennis, racquet, it makes no difference to him!

When a family member isn’t around, he even lays on his back and drops a ball from his outstretched paws into his waiting mouth.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Scott Beckner

While his family always loved his goofy fixation, it wasn’t until recently that they realized that he may just be the goofiest pup to cram tennis balls into his mouth ever.

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After satisfying the demanding requirements for proving his unique ability to hold six tennis balls in his mouth at once, Finley’s skill was finally recognized, toppling a 17-year-old record of five tennis balls previously held by another Golden Retriever.

“This of course wasn’t easy, and certainly felt like forever and a day to accomplish!” his family wrote on his Instagram.

“He lives the life of a king,” Cherie Molloy told Democrat & Chronicle, adding that Finley’s special abilities didn’t take any special training.

So, what’s next for Finley? Well, according to his most recent Instagram post, retirement!

Keep up with Finley and his equally adorable nephew Rudy over on Instagram!

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