Fibonacci Footwear uses NASA-certified cooling material used in spacesuits

Fibonacci Footwear uses NASA-certified cooling material used in spacesuits

Looking to invest in footwear that offers unprecedented comfort? These temperature-regulating shoes take you from the office to casual dinner.

It feels like the shoe market is ravenous to sell the next best footwear. From high-end brand collaborations to multifunctional socks that you can wear outdoors, you might think you’ve seen it all.

However, Fibonacci Footwear has comfort and practicality at its core with some additional characteristics: Outlast—breathable material uses in NASA spacesuits—and blockchain compatibility to verify your shoe’s authentication.

Available in 2 styles, these shoes sport a casual attitude perfectly harmonized with professionalism. So you can minimize your shoe collection with just one pair that caters to all occasions.

Continue reading to discover what makes these shoes a timeless classic.

Fibonacci Footwear presented in a video

Keep cool with Outlast technology

Keeping your feet cool is key to long-lasting comfort. We all know the discomfort of warm feet on a warm day. And, if you walk a lot, you don’t want your footwear to hold you back. Fibonacci Footwear utilizes NASA-certified technology—Outlast—to automatically regulate your feet’s temperature based on your environment.

This technology, which is utilized in spacesuits, optimizes airflow. So, even when it’s hot outside, your feet remain cool. And these shoes will also keep you toasty in the winter months.

The Liber shoes in black and cognac

Rock a sleek and professional look with 2 styles—Liber and Abbaci Chukka—and colors to choose from.

Liber consists of hand-polished, full-grain leather along with an extra layer of padding around the collar. Offering durability and comfort, this style boasts a formal look with a snug feel. That’s perfect for running errands or maintaining a professional domina in the office. In fact, the inner suede heel cup and high-carbon-content outsoles ensure that they’re well-constructed. Plus, they work for all occasions and are available in brown, black, and cognac.

Alternatively, up-level your wardrobe with the Abbaci Chukka shoe. Also equipped with the same comfort characteristics, including high-performance insoles, they’re entirely covered with suede. This provides a cozy feel and makes them more suited to relaxed events. They’re available in Stone and Chocolate.

Feel comfortable and secure in this shoe collection

Safety is also paramount when it comes to footwear. That’s why the Fibonacci Footwear outsole has a custom tread to prevent slips and falls. The ribbing further improves grip, making them perfect to wear in winter. This also allows you to walk at your own pace and on uneven terrain without a fear of falling.

Best of all, if you look closely at this collection, you’ll see the intricate, clean stitching in all areas. This creates a polished look for both day and evening wear. Meanwhile, the flexible sole adapts with your movement to eliminate restrictions. In fact, the cushioning and flexibility allows you to walk on all surfaces while soothing your feet. Additionally, both shoes boast a thin, lightweight midsole for a smart finish.

Fibonacci Footwear uses NASA-certified cooling material used in spacesuits
The Abbaci Chukka shoe in Stone and Chocolate

Verify their authenticity with blockchain

Worried about receiving counterfeit footwear? With built-in blockchain technology, you’ll never need to worry about this. Simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the inside of the shoe to read all about the shoe’s information, digitally.

Overall, this stylish footwear collection is available in US sizes 8–13. Preorder yours from Kickstarter for $149 a pair. What ways do you care for your feet? Share your tricks in the comments.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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