Dog Reunited With Owners After Felling From A Yacht During Storm

Dog Reunited With Owners After Felling From A Yacht During Storm

The owners of the Border Collie Jolie likely have been in grief and left with some hope of ever seeing her alive again as the two Danish skippers were forced to witness the dog helplessly while traveling in a storm between the Spanish peninsula and the island of Ibiza.

They lost their dog to the point when Jolie fell off her yacht into the water and was swiftly engulfed by the waves.

Jolie’s mistress and master had issued a poster including a wanted ad for their cherished dog on the continent with the help of a Spanish acquaintance.

Fortunately, the beach goers on Playa de Cope in the Spanish district of Murcia found the thoroughly exhausted dog two days after the tragic incident.

Moreover, Jolie had lost the ability to swim the final few meters to the safe seaside and was drifting in shallow water.

So the swimmers fearlessly grabbed her and helped her onto the beach. Meanwhile, the thing that supported them a lot was a chip that Jolie had.

The good news that the dog had survived her tumble into the open sea was promptly returned to the worried owners by the police.

Police Local de Gulas shared a photo of the reunion and the apparent excitement of the three people involved on Instagram.

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