Dog Rescued from Icy Canal in Willenhall ‘While Chasing Ducks’

Dog Rescued from Icy Canal in Willenhall ‘While Chasing Ducks’

Firefighters rescued a dog named Bella after chasing ducks into an ice-covered canal in the town of Willenhall, near Walsall, England, on Thursday morning, January 19.

Bella fell through the frozen waterway near Greadier Street in Willenhall, in the West Midlands.

Her owner tried to rescue her, but the freezing temperatures forced her to retreat to dry land, West Midlands Fire Service said. Crews used an inflatable device to reach Bella and reunite her with her owner.

A rescue attempt with a ladder proved unsuccessful, so an inflatable ice path was deployed, and two firefighters managed to reach her. “Owner and dog were wrapped in foil blankets and warmed up in the back of a fire engine before our crews left the scene at 12.25 pm,” the fire service said.

Mark Cundy, watch commander at Bloxwich Community Fire Station, posted about the rescue on social media.

He wrote: “Bella fell through the ice on a Willenhall canal. A great team effort from all mentioned crews using an inflatable ice path and Bella was pulled to safety.

“Owner and dog are both well. Great effort by all!”

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