Dog Proudly Helps Carry Groceries In From The Car

Dog Proudly Helps Carry Groceries In From The Car

Dogs are part of the family but they don’t always contribute to the home in the way everyone else does. They eat, drink, and require exercise and love – but they don’t usually help out with chores or household duties.

Of course, we love them anyway, but it would be nice to have an extra hand every now and again. For some lucky dog owners, their pets seem to know this and provide some help to their owners when needed.

For example, one lady trained her dog to fetch her a cocktail on command while another helped push a stalled car. We don’t expect our dogs to do these things, but it’s nice when they help out.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A family in Derby, Kansas got to experience the joys of having a helping pooch in the family when their dog, Guster, decided to help bring in the groceries – and he seemed quite pleased with himself over it.

In a video shared with Viral Hog, Guster can be seen heading to the back of the car where groceries are being carried in from. It seems he wants to help so a girl puts the handle of one of the groceries bags in his mouth and he trots away with it towards the house!

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

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Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

As he walks, he seems to be brimming with pride and quite happy about getting to help.

Guster’s owner told ViralHog: “My daughter was helping me carry in groceries from the car at our home. Guster tried grabbing a sack out of her hands, so she placed a sack in his mouth and told him to take it to Mommy (me). He eagerly did it over and over and was very proud of himself!”

Watch the video below:

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