Corinne Olympios: ‘The Bachelor’ Went Downhill After Nick Viall’s Season


Over it! Corinne Olympios joined Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast to share her thoughts on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor — and revealed she believes the show has gone downhill since her stint on Nick Viall’s season in 2017.

“I know the spiel. I know how it goes. I know the girls. I mean, it always goes the same way,” the 29-year-old began. “It starts out, everyone’s excited. But there’s a little bit of drama, then, you know, everyone thinks the girl that’s causing the drama is gonna go home, but nope, she doesn’t! And then she stays a little longer, but then she ends up going home anyway. And then it’s just being three girls that you thought it was gonna be and then the two girls you really thought it was gonna be and then bam! It goes this way every single time.”

Corinne Olympios and Nick Viall Aurora Rose/Shutterstock; Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Matt, 29, got down to his final two — Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young — during the Monday, March 8, episode after he sent Bri Springs home.

“I’m a little over it post my experience,” Corinne told Us. “I did watch it before and really liked it. Also, mind you when I watched it, it was still, like, a real television show. Now it’s just cheesy and kind of fake to me. … I honestly think the turning point was my season. I think I’m to blame for all of this.”

While discussing Monday’s episode, Corinne noted that the fantasy suite dates are the “turning point” of the season for the contestants.

“That’s when you really get to spend the most time with the Bachelor or Bachelorette and you get one-on-one time, i’s private, there are no cameras, you really get to explore each other on a different level,” she said. “I think it’s very important. And I think while you’re going through this season, it’s super important to you that you get the fantasy suite if you really want to be with the person.”

Corinne added that it was telling that Rachael was the only one Matt said he was falling in love with during Monday’s episode.

“The fact that he’s feeling those things with Rachael. I mean, that’s just it right there. I think at this point, he knows that it’s Rachael,” she said. “And I think he does care deeply about the other girls, but right now, she’s the one that he feels comfortable saying, ‘I love you’ to.”

Corinne was eliminated after the hometown dates on Nick’s season of The Bachelor in 2017. After a brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise season 4, the AuraSugarCo jewelry designer is set to tackle a series of topics on her upcoming podcast, “Corinne Saves Us All.”

“Corinne saves The Bachelor,” she quipped to Us. “Just make me the next host.”

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