ClicBot is a fun educational robot that lets kids learn to code and make robotic pets

ClicBot is a fun educational robot that lets kids learn to code and make robotic pets

Any parent looking for an exciting new way to engage their kids’ minds will love ClicBot. This educational robot is here to teach your kids about coding and robotics–all while having fun. It’s the perfect gadget for bored kids on rainy summer days. Read on to learn more about it.

Robots are all the rage these days, but with good reason. Robotics have graduated from sci-fi dreams and industrial machinery to broader possibilities. While robots are traditionally an important part of many commercial settings, they’re now beginning to reach homes worldwide. Of course, that means someone has to design and build them, right? There’s no better way to invest in the future of robotics than by igniting our kids’ curiosity. That’s why ClicBot is the perfect gadget for children interested in robots. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it great.

ClicBot as a dog-like robot

Robot taps into kids’ creativity and is easy for them to assemble

ClicBot is a fun, interactive educational robot made to teach kids about robotics and coding. While robotics and coding may be the main theme, however, there are lots of other benefits as well. For example, kids are able to engage their creativity, develop logical thinking skills, and explore ideas. Best of all, they’re able to enjoy the result: An adorably hilarious robot they can play with.

To keep building simple, assembling ClicBot doesn’t use wires, nuts, or screws. Instead, kids are able to use its modular design to click various pieces together. Once a robotic creature has been created, children can then work on adding motions and other actions.

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Kids can eventually learn advanced coding using Google Blocky

Though ClicBot offers a simpler way for kids to program things like walking motions, the gadget leaves room for more. With a tablet, they’re able to control ClicBot with a drag-and-drop coding interface based on Google Blocky. This way, they can go from a basic setup to performing more advanced actions over time. It’s a great way for parents to introduce the idea and then watch it grow.

Emotions are built-in and the make the device more interactable

One thing kids–and even parents–are sure to love is ClicBot’s built-in emotions. These adorable emotes are pre-designed, and kids can apply them using the Personality Editor that comes with the kit. It’s a fun way for kids to interact with what they create and keep them coming back for more. Hopefully, over time, the manufacturer will continue adding new emotions.

ClicBot is a fun educational robot that lets kids learn to code and make robotic pets
Girl playing with multiple ClicBot robotic creations

ClicBot is a fantastically educational way to engage kids’ minds

Anyone looking to get their kids away from mindless distractions while engaging their minds will be able to appreciate what ClicBot brings to the table. It keeps things simple enough to prevent frustration and interactive enough to deflect boredom. Not only that, but it makes sure things are open-ended enough that kids can learn and grow with the gadget over time–opening the door to further challenges as they desire more. There are free weekly video courses and a community where users can share ideas. It will be perfect when kids are stuck inside on rainy days this summer. Well worth any parent’s consideration.

You can get ClicBot here starting at $382.

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