Clever Trick To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


We all want to keep our dogs safe and comfortable, and there are times when we need to step up our game. That includes when the weather is hot outside.

Of course, we all realize that we shouldn’t leave our dogs unattended in a hot car, but even being outside in the heat can pose some danger.

If you would like to keep your dog cool this summer, perhaps you can use a hack that was uploaded on TikTok.

Photo: Piqsels

The video shows us how to do it, but it is more than just something that keeps our dogs safe – it can make them happy as well.

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The tip, itself, is rather simple, but it is likely something that you never considered before. That TikTok user made a watermelon ice lollipop for her Newfoundland, named Ted.

Photo: TikTok/tedthenewfoundland
Photo: TikTok/tedthenewfoundland

In the video, you can also see Ted happily chewing away on a frozen banana and some ice-cold watermelon chunks.

There are also other tips, such as filling up a swimming pool for them or buying a big fan.


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