Cartoon: Freedumb Isn’t Free


As the delta variant sweeps across the United States and increases hospitalizations and deaths, far too many right-wingers are falling for anti-vaccine nonsense. Influential pundits and politicians on the right are undermining the push to vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity.

While the wackos are so concerned about imaginary microchips and vaccine conspiracies, some local governments and health departments are urging vaccinated people to wear their face masks in public indoor spaces. You know, to help protect the unvaccinated people from themselves.

And since anti-vaxxers have effectively blocked herd immunity for now, they have also increased the risk for children under 12 who can’t yet get vaccinated against COVID-19. Nearly all of the recent deaths from coronavirus were preventable.

Sure, I feel bad for people who chose not to get vaccinated and are dying, but I feel enraged that they have put children at greater risk and prolonged this damn pandemic.

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