Breath of the Wild Player Dunks A Korok Rock With Clever Puzzle Solution


Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a famously open-ended adventure, and one player recently came up with a unique puzzle solution using creativity and ice.

A creative The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player managed to cleverly conquer a puzzle by dunking a rock rather than throwing it. The open-world installment in Nintendo’s beloved fantasy series is known for granting players the freedom to complete objectives however they please. Zelda: BOTW includes many secrets and player discoveries, with the title’s non-linear open world containing many hidden details and gameplay possibilities.

Set in the far future of the Legends of Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild sees series protagonist Link awaken in the ruined land of Hyrule. Tasked with defeating the monstrous Calamity Ganon, the player must journey across Hyrule in order to gather power and restore Link’s memories. Throughout the quest players must reclaim the Master Sword and conquer four massive Divine Beasts, but Breath of the Wild allows gamers to complete these tasks in any order they choose. Challenges can also be overcome in essentially any manner, as long as the player completes their goal. For example, one Zelda: BOTW player beat the Two Rings arrow challenge by slowing down time to land an extremely difficult shot, despite the fact that the intended solution was to easily fire through two totally different rings.


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Further demonstrating the versatility of Breath of the Wild, Reddit user dkmoded creatively dunked a rock to complete a challenge. The title’s Korok Seed Puzzles task the player with manipulating the game’s environment in order to earn a valuable Korok Seed. One particular puzzle requires players to toss a rock into a circle of stones sticking out of a river, but it is exceptionally difficult to land this throw. So, dkmoded simply used the Cryonis power to make a path on the water, throwing the rock onto it and then gliding after it. Now right next to the goal, the creative player simply jumps into the circle while holding the rock to score an innovative slam dunk.

Thanks to its emphasis on player freedom and open-world immersion, Zelda: BOTW was named Japan’s top game of all time. 50,000 Japanese citizens reportedly voted for Nintendo’s fantasy role-play title, giving it the top spot over other beloved games like Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy VII. While previous entries in the series did allow players to freely roam around an open environment, BOTW’s unprecedented fluidity has made it a modern gaming masterpiece.

Many players have discovered unique ways to complete tasks in Breath of the Wild, with any given challenge having numerous different ways to solve it. By dunking a Korok rock instead of throwing it, dkmoded found a smart and easy way to complete an otherwise difficult challenge. The player’s creative solution, and the possibility to actually use it, reflects the impressive open-ended nature of the latest Zelda installment.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: dkmoded/Reddit

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