Blue-Eyed Boston Terrier Finds Forever Home


It was a typical shift for Tess Nolan, a young veterinary tech in Australia.

Caring for pups is all part of the job, but one blue-eyed beauty caught her attention. Daphne, the runt of a newly-born litter of Boston Terriers, immediately showed that she was special — at least to Tess.

Days passed, and Daphne’s brothers and sisters were adopted while Daphne was left behind.

Blue eyes can be a sign of possible health issues, so prospective adopters were wary. In a TikTok video, Tess shared that “no one wanted” Daphne, but she believed in her.

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Tests found that Daphne was completely healthy, and Tess knew that she would be the perfect fit. She adopted Daphne and the two are now best friends!

Daphne, who Tess calls “the sweetest dog I’ve ever met,” has a unique and quirky personality, which Tess loves to share on her Instagram:

Daphne is more than just a best friend to Tess. Writing on Instagram, she shared that after the passing of her previous dog Bosley, Daphne has “finally filled a bit of the hole in my heart that my dear Bosley left behind.”

When Bosley passed from bone cancer in the summer of 2019, it took until March of 2020, when Daphne came into the world, to help Tess move on.

“The breeder had come to terms with the fact that they would keep her as no one wanted her. I explained to the breeder I was a vet nurse and I honestly love the unique ones and I would love to have her,” she explained in an email to TODAY Pets.

Daphne has charmed not just Tess, but her thousands of followers on social media as well.

Tess has also launched a YouTube channel, where she walks viewers through a day in the life of veterinary technicians and shows the ups and downs of a job that means caring for dogs at their best and worst moments. Keep up with her there, or on TikTok and Instagram for more of Daphne and Tess!

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