Blind Dog Mr. Morris Is Looking For A Permanent Home Filled With Hassle

Blind Dog Mr. Morris Is Looking For A Permanent Home Filled With Hassle

Mr. Morris, Hilbrae Rescue Kennels’ oldest resident, is seeking a retirement filled with fuss.

The ten-year-old moustached mix-breed was initially brought over from Romania and is now at risk of spending his golden years in kennels. While the handsome hound has become a sensation on social media, he has spent his time at the rescue center being overlooked as of his age and eyesight issues.

Cheryl Gibson of Shropshire Canine Enrichment said Mr. Morris has a limited vision which means he requires more TLC than your average dog.

“We think he can see a little bit, but it is limited. Obviously being blind comes with its own barriers, but it doesn’t stop him. He just needs someone with a lot of patience who will give him lots of TLC.”

Emily Cartwright, kennel assistant at Hilbrae Rescue Kennels stated ‘lovely’ Mr Morris would love nothing more than living out his retirement in a house full of fusses.

She said, “He’s a really lovely dog, just loves a good fuss. He’s brilliant on a lead and always eager for a walk.”

“He would make a lovely, wonderful pet. He just wants to have a little potter and nap on the sofa all day.

“He can be quite reactive in the kennels sometimes, and I think people see that, his age and his eyesight and overlook him.”

Hilbrae would suggest a female-only home as Mr Morris has shown a preference for the ladies. He needs an adult-only home with no other dogs. For more information contact Hilbrae Rescue Kennels.

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