Big Dog Objects To Getting His Nails Clipped In Hilarious Video


Dogs may not speak English, but they sure can communicate when they want to. For a large dog named Mister Brown, he’s learned the art of saying, “No!” to his owner when they pull out the nail clippers.

I’ve had a few dogs, and one of them would go to her grave with long nails if we let her. She would throw the biggest fits when the nail clippers came out, but she was only 10lbs so there wasn’t much she could do about it.

However, some bigger dogs are equally opposed to getting their nails clipped and it’s a little harder to hold them down and get it done when they’re against it.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mister Brown is one of those big dogs who would do anything to avoid the dreaded clippers! Much like a child might do, Mister Brown will throw a massive fit when the clippers come out and does everything in his power to tell his owner, “No!”

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His owners captured one of his objections on video and it’s hilarious to watch. The video, shared by Rumble Viral, shows the dog jumping around and barking – it’s clear what he’s trying to say when you watch the video.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

In the video’s description, Rumble Viral stated:

“There isn’t a malicious bone in Mister Brown’s body. Even when those ‘savage nail clippers are threatening to kill him!’, he tries in every most amusing way to tell his owner he wants ‘lollies’ but “NO!” to the nail clippers. Oh and yes, he’s learned to say “No!” to things he doesn’t want, almost as clear as a human and even more clear than a toddler!”

Watch the video below to see his antics for yourself:

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